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Sneak peek of one the 1st pen & ink drawings by Teesha Morgan to go into the #Craftwerx.Studio Colouring for Mental Health Project book.

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Raise Awareness of Mental Illness and End the Stigma
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This book will be #Self-Published by #Craftwerx.studio
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Because sometimes POW right in the kisser


Because sometimes POW right in the kisser… Daffy duck I think This popped into my feed on a day that my world turned upside down.

I can’t talk about it now.  But I will, eventually. Spent the day crying, sleeping, waking up thinking I had a nightmare, realizing it was real, rinse repeat.

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I Fall, I Rise, I Make Mistakes, I Live, I Learn, I’ve Been Hurt but I’m Alive – Unknown | TheSeeds4Life.com

Source: I Fall, I Rise, I Make Mistakes, I Live, I Learn, I’ve Been Hurt but I’m Alive – Unknown | TheSeeds4Life.com

The Core Workout I Do for My Scoliosis

Hi Guy, This is Not exactly the same as the workout that I do for Chronic Pain and Chronic Fatigue, but similar. I only do 3-4 reps of each though but even 1 rep is a beginning.

It is so important to keep your core as strong as possible if you have a condition of any kind be it mental illness or physical illness. The better the condition of your body the better you will feel.Even though it may hurt to do it, as if you don’t, you pain or illness can get so much worse.As she said not a Dr or Physio,  just sharing what we do.

A big thank you to My Curvy Spine for being brave enough to show yourself in workout gear. You look awsome!

Without further adieu!

The Core Workout I Do for My Scoliosis

So the truth is, I am not a big fan of taking pictures of myself working out and then publishing them, but I did it anyway. I did it because one of you, my dear followers, asked me to share the wor…

Source: The Core Workout I Do for My Scoliosis

What I Mean When I Say I Have Scoliosis

So very eloquent and also applies to me too. I love this woman’s writing!

I have had a stick for 10 years and still forget that I have to use it, it is a blessing as most people offer help so I don’t have to ask and A curse as some people assume I am stupid because of it, which still astounds me.I have recently agreed to a bed pole(much less cagey, which means I don’t have to wake my hubby up. What I Mean When I Say I Have each time I need to move or go to the toilet. Thank the universe for OTs (occupational therapsts) I had one come over to point out where aids could help..tough choice but, I am more independent for it.

So here is the wonderful post from my curve spine  :

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Scoliosis is an extremely complicated condition. According to WebMD, “scoliosis is a lateral (toward the side) curvature in the normally straight vertical line of the spine.” But that’s the super b…

Source: What I Mean When I Say I Have Scoliosis

To .com or Not com? That is the Question.

I have been researching my butt off and still can’t find a real answer to my question. I am about to buy a domain name but I can’t decide which to choose. Obviously everyone knows about .com, .net & .org but what about the new ones? We can now choose from of 100 new extensions to domain name but do people remember not to .com.

What do you think? Would you remember a domain name that has the extension .blog, .agency or .xyz I really do want your opinion on this. Cheers Teesha

Help please, what images make you want to colour in? 

I sit here watching my ducks, as I do every afternoon. (We rent our house and it doesn’t have a fence to keep them safe from dog, foxes and the like.)

I am looking at flowers in my garden for inspiration that I hope to carry over to my sketching tonight. 

All the while trying to ignore my pain, which is at the level !Stunning!  today thanks to the weather, which is hot and wet. I have to do that everyday as I have a chronic pain condition which has causeed chronic fatigue as well as exacerbated my mental illness. 

It all reminds me why I am making this colouring book series, I am lucky, as an artist I have  a room full (and then some according to my hubby) of art and craft supplies.

I can always find something to take me away from this tortured body that I enhance, but I know that is not easy for a lot of other sufferers in the world. 

I want to give them a way to escape even for an hour a day, and hopefully if they follow the guidelines that I have used myself, they will get a little relief.

The question I wonder,that keeps me awake, is how to engage them.

I know what I enjoy colouring it’s hearts and flowers,  but what do other people enjoy. What makes you grab your pencils, pens or makers and leave it all behind?

So I ask you to help me to make this colouring book truely special by answering this question :

What shape or image grabs you and makes you want to colour it in? 

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Feelin Hot, Hot, hot

As I sit here at 5am wishing that I was sleeping it is still 30c after we had 40c a record for South Australia.  The little spoggy or sparrow for all of you internationals is panting in the jasmine. I will have to give my garden a good soaking. 

 The forecast is for high 30c for the next week and I know now that I will be inside with the actual drawing for the book.  With my weirdo health condition, I can’t go outside when it’s over 25c as I swell, get vertigo, dehydrate and feel very fatigued not to mention the spike in my pain score.  So drawing, colouring & TV.  As I write this it has just started raining with a cool breeze.. Someone reads my posts lol

Stay cool peeps

Cheers Teesha

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What is colouring in therapy? 

I have had a lot of people ask what makes colouring in therapy different from just colouring in. The answer is the same as anything that helps with mental illness, it’s the way of that you do it. Just like the difference between breathing normally and Counted Breath. 

From my experience of trial and error and Internet research colouring in works to greatly reduce anxiety and help lift your mood to aid with depression if you work at it. 

Firstly be prepared. Have your pencils sorted into groups of colours that you think look good together on a day when your  mood is good. Put a rubber band around them and put them with your Colouring in stuff. 

Choose the right pages, you need different pages for depression than for anxiety. Make sure there is a lot of of detail to keep you focused. 

Choose a quiet area with good light, you can have some soft happy music playing if you like. 

Make sure that you are sitting in a comfy position with your back supported. 

Be prepared to work at it.  You need to colour for at least an hour a day but on bad days you can do it all day if you need to. 

Be realistic,  don’t expect to be perfect or finish a whole page each time.  I will do another post later with some tutorials to help but most of all to get the benefit, you have to work at it. Here is a picture to show how much I get done in an hour and I am an experienced arts. Til next time. Stay safe!