What is colouring in therapy? 

I have had a lot of people ask what makes colouring in therapy different from just colouring in. The answer is the same as anything that helps with mental illness, it’s the way of that you do it. Just like the difference between breathing normally and Counted Breath. 

From my experience of trial and error and Internet research colouring in works to greatly reduce anxiety and help lift your mood to aid with depression if you work at it. 

Firstly be prepared. Have your pencils sorted into groups of colours that you think look good together on a day when your  mood is good. Put a rubber band around them and put them with your Colouring in stuff. 

Choose the right pages, you need different pages for depression than for anxiety. Make sure there is a lot of of detail to keep you focused. 

Choose a quiet area with good light, you can have some soft happy music playing if you like. 

Make sure that you are sitting in a comfy position with your back supported. 

Be prepared to work at it.  You need to colour for at least an hour a day but on bad days you can do it all day if you need to. 

Be realistic,  don’t expect to be perfect or finish a whole page each time.  I will do another post later with some tutorials to help but most of all to get the benefit, you have to work at it. Here is a picture to show how much I get done in an hour and I am an experienced arts. Til next time. Stay safe! 


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