Help please, what images make you want to colour in? 

I sit here watching my ducks, as I do every afternoon. (We rent our house and it doesn’t have a fence to keep them safe from dog, foxes and the like.)

I am looking at flowers in my garden for inspiration that I hope to carry over to my sketching tonight. 

All the while trying to ignore my pain, which is at the level !Stunning!  today thanks to the weather, which is hot and wet. I have to do that everyday as I have a chronic pain condition which has causeed chronic fatigue as well as exacerbated my mental illness. 

It all reminds me why I am making this colouring book series, I am lucky, as an artist I have  a room full (and then some according to my hubby) of art and craft supplies.

I can always find something to take me away from this tortured body that I enhance, but I know that is not easy for a lot of other sufferers in the world. 

I want to give them a way to escape even for an hour a day, and hopefully if they follow the guidelines that I have used myself, they will get a little relief.

The question I wonder,that keeps me awake, is how to engage them.

I know what I enjoy colouring it’s hearts and flowers,  but what do other people enjoy. What makes you grab your pencils, pens or makers and leave it all behind?

So I ask you to help me to make this colouring book truely special by answering this question :

What shape or image grabs you and makes you want to colour it in? 

#colouring #coloring #mentalillness #chronicpain #help #ducks #garden 


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