Inside by Teesha Morgan

Inside by Teesha Morgan
It represents what was going on inside my mind at the time.
This is a drawing that I did on a really bad day when my pain was waring with my anxiety and depression to see who could shout the loudest.
It was only a few days after I envisioned my mental & invisible illness colouring book series, to help bring these debilitating conditions out into mainstream society and hopefully work towards bring the world closer to a
Compassionate and effective way to see us.
To help those around us see how we struggle everyday just to exist in this world, how very brave and adaptive we are and how much harder it is for us to live. You are not alone if you have a broken body or mind, we are all around you even when you can’t see us, listen and you will hear our voices.

#mentalhealth #mentalillness #invisibleillness #majordepression #manic #anxiety #depression #stressrelief #suicideprevention #endthestigma #calm #creative #ptsd #penandink #emergingartist #painmanagement #onemoreday #influencers #instagramers ##coloring_masterpieces #bigkidscoloring

— in Clare, South Australia.


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