No Stigma Sketch by Teesha Morgan

No Stigma by Teesha Morgan
This is the concept sketch

I have had this one in my head for the colouring book since it’s inception.

As an advocate for mental health, invisible illness, chronic pain & disability this concept means a lot to me.
I have had to deal with discrimination, abuse, rudeness and just plain stupidity since my health forced me to retire from an executive position.

I want to help bring this issue to the dinnertable.

We should be encouraging people to get help by giving compassion, empathy and love so that people get treatment before a crisis. Not making them feel like freaks and outcasts, worrying about job security and family realtionship breakdowns if they admit to or Suffer from Mental Illness, Chronic Pain or other Invisible Illness.

Join the fight for a compassionate society!

Cheers, Teesha Morgan


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