Warrior Heart – Endometriosis Cure!

Endometriosis Cure!

Warrior Heart by Teesha Morgan Concept sketch

I just finished this sketch and wanted to put it up right away.

It really resounds with me today, it has been a very up and down day for me.

It started off with me finding out that there is a cure for Endometriosis which was amazing! I went to the webpage after reading about it on one of my followers pages. I was so excited, the idea of leading a more normal life for me was intoxicating,


I wanted to shout ” @Resan is here we are free, to all of my fellow warrior hearts out there who battle this terrible disease daily, and as a bonus it cure a lot of Cancers too”.


But then I found out that it couldn’t get past fda etc bMeig shock we give them over 20million a year in Dr visits, if we are cured they lose that. So now I am trying to find a way to get it and will be promoting the he’ll out of it so someone will get it out there for us.
So Warrior Hearts I hope that you all will, tweet, post, like etc and get this out there before it disappears.

UPDATE: I emailed the address for the Belarus Clinic to ask if there was a way to get Resan and the answer was YES! There are a bunch of tests that you have to get your Dr to do plus you need to send them your medical history as it relates to your Endometriosis and treatments that you have had and the same for Cancer or any of the other illnesses that Resan may cure.

But once all of that has been done, they will send you the 2 lots of 4 injections. The first 4 injections is your Dose 1 which your Dr needs to Inject you with and Monitor you for side effects and changes to your pain levels and some other blood work for 6 months and then you needs the next lot of 4 injections which is Dose 2. The treatment costs around $1300 whic I thought was really reasonable.

So I am saving up!

Resan Endometriosis Cure
For the Endometriosis info

Resan Cancer Cure
For the cancer info

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