Feelin Hot, Hot, hot

As I sit here at 5am wishing that I was sleeping it is still 30c after we had 40c a record for South Australia.  The little spoggy or sparrow for all of you internationals is panting in the jasmine. I will have to give my garden a good soaking. 

 The forecast is for high 30c for the next week and I know now that I will be inside with the actual drawing for the book.  With my weirdo health condition, I can’t go outside when it’s over 25c as I swell, get vertigo, dehydrate and feel very fatigued not to mention the spike in my pain score.  So drawing, colouring & TV.  As I write this it has just started raining with a cool breeze.. Someone reads my posts lol

Stay cool peeps

Cheers Teesha

#heatwave #sparrow #gardening # jasmine #health