My designs to be available soon on RedBubble

Wouldn’t this look amazing as your quilt cover, on a Hoodie or your favorite coffee mug?

Print on Demand services are amazing and Red Bubble seems to be the best one in Australia so that is where I will be putting my toe, trying something new and all that 🙂

What would you like to see my artwork printed on?

  • Would you like to buy it printed on a t-shirt, leggings or a dress in colour or, 
  • is Black & White ready for you to colour with fabric markers more your style so you can make it perfectly you?
  • What about hats, bags, notebooks, stickers, phonecases and laptop bags?

These are the questions that I would like for you to answer in comments to help me to decide which artworks to go with and how to print them.


This coloured version of my colouring page is one of the first in a range that will be available on RedBubble in the next couple of  months.

Don’t worry I will keep you int he loop as to when they will be up so that you can get the first pair of yoga pants with Breathe on them!

Do you like it & what would you like to see it available on based on the huge range of items to be printed.

PS Don’t worry, the lense flare on the right is from the shiny laser printing toner, it wont be printed like that.

Cheers Teesha

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Amazing stuff- How you can retrain your brain to work around pain and other issues

Hi Everyone,
I watched an amazing podcast Nine Essential Steps Peak Brain Body Performance on Bulletproof radio with Dave Aspery who is a brilliant self taught Brain Hacker today ( which I am addicted to!) with a lady called Anat Baniel who has made some amazing discoveries about how the brain works things out and who has been able to work out how to hack the brain to find new pathways and it is so damn simple that we all should be doing it. Anat has done amazing things with Children with all sorts of conditions where the parents were told the child would live in a vegetative state and yet with some of Anat’s training those kids are now fully functioning adults who are themselves contributing to the world in amazing ways. For those of us with Chronic Pain , Scoliosis, Invisible Illness, Mental Health issues and other serious health issues this should be the first stop but unfortunately Drs are not aware of refuse to believe what modern Neuroscience is discovering. You can change the way that your brain learns, feels and sees the world with a series of movement exercises. Anat coins the phrase “Intentional Movement” as a key factor rather than the normal movement that we do without thinking about it- like gyms stuff. This stuff is groundbreaking and should be a part of our basic education going into the future. Please  Check out  the Bulletproof radio interview and her page- It’s really astounding.

Cheers Teesha Morgan
The Anat Baniel Method

It’s Learing time today – How important is writing good copy to your Business cashflow?

Hi to all of my awsome followers!

I know that a lot of you are also business owners and that we all know that you need to keep learning all of the time which is especially important when its FREE!

I just started a great course by Ray Edwards who is the unsung hero of Writing Copy for people like Tony Robbins and the Chicken Soup for the Soul Empire. He is an amazing man who is giving this course away for FREE so there is no excuse not to jump into the link below and take advantage of something that if used correctly will change your business forever!

I want you to let me know how you go in a comment below!  I loved it and found it invaluable.

I think Joel Friedlander from The Book Designer  nailed it in the email that I received inviting me to the course

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Business Employment Dynamics, 70% of businesses—including new publishing businesses—will fail.

That rate is consistent over time.

The most surprising fact: year-over-year changes in the economy since 1994 didn’t have any influence on U.S. small business failure rates.

Here are factors that were NOT the cause of most U.S. small business failures:

  • Not the economy.
  • Not bad timing.
  • Not poor products.
  • Not the competition.
  • Not even who was President of the USA.

So it would seem that entrepreneurs are indeed economy-proof and yes, even President-proof.

So why do businesses fail?

U.S. Bank says that according to their research, 82% of businesses fail because of a lack cash flow.

In other words, they run out of money.

Copyrighting expert Ray Edwards is on a mission to fix that problem.

You may have heard of Ray—he’s been the “marketing man behind the curtain” for some big companies, best selling authors, and for top names in business and leadership.

Here are some of the authors who have trusted Ray to craft their words and shape their marketing:

  • Tony Robbins
  • Michael Hyatt
  • Jeff Walker
  • Dan Miller
  • Jack Canfield
  • Robert Allen
  • Mark Victor Hansen
  • Frank Kern
  • Stu McLaren
  • …and many more!

Ray is technically a Copywriter, or as he is fond of saying, “a cash flow engineer.”

Now Ray is releasing a 3-part mini-course on how small business owners and entrepreneurs can simply make cash flow happen—on demand.

The FREE COURSE is called “Selling without Sleazing: The Key to More Income, More Impact, and More Freedom.”

The first lesson is available now, and it’s completely free:

“Selling without Sleazing: The Key to More Income, More Impact, and More Freedom—Part I”

It’s important that you go and watch this short video now—Ray has made it free for a few days, but then he’ll be taking the course offline.

This first video lesson will open up new possibilities, and new hope, for you and your publishing business.

The promise of this lesson and the two that follow is quite simple: you can learn how to write copy that sells, without being pushy, salesy, or sleazy.

And that means you can make cash flow happen, when you want it to—whatever business you are in!

All you have to do is follow the Four Frameworks Ray teaches.

My recommendation is to go get this free training while you can—and while it’s still free!

“Selling without Sleazing: The Key to More Income, More Impact, and More Freedom—Part I”





P.S. Imagine what it would be like to produce cash flow when you need it, without being pushy or salesy!

“Selling without Sleazing: The Key to More Income, More Impact, and More Freedom—Part I”

Warrior Heart – Endometriosis Cure!

Endometriosis Cure!

Warrior Heart by Teesha Morgan Concept sketch

I just finished this sketch and wanted to put it up right away.

It really resounds with me today, it has been a very up and down day for me.

It started off with me finding out that there is a cure for Endometriosis which was amazing! I went to the webpage after reading about it on one of my followers pages. I was so excited, the idea of leading a more normal life for me was intoxicating,


I wanted to shout ” @Resan is here we are free, to all of my fellow warrior hearts out there who battle this terrible disease daily, and as a bonus it cure a lot of Cancers too”.


But then I found out that it couldn’t get past fda etc bMeig shock we give them over 20million a year in Dr visits, if we are cured they lose that. So now I am trying to find a way to get it and will be promoting the he’ll out of it so someone will get it out there for us.
So Warrior Hearts I hope that you all will, tweet, post, like etc and get this out there before it disappears.

UPDATE: I emailed the address for the Belarus Clinic to ask if there was a way to get Resan and the answer was YES! There are a bunch of tests that you have to get your Dr to do plus you need to send them your medical history as it relates to your Endometriosis and treatments that you have had and the same for Cancer or any of the other illnesses that Resan may cure.

But once all of that has been done, they will send you the 2 lots of 4 injections. The first 4 injections is your Dose 1 which your Dr needs to Inject you with and Monitor you for side effects and changes to your pain levels and some other blood work for 6 months and then you needs the next lot of 4 injections which is Dose 2. The treatment costs around $1300 whic I thought was really reasonable.

So I am saving up!

Resan Endometriosis Cure
For the Endometriosis info

Resan Cancer Cure
For the cancer info

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No Stigma- The close ups

Some close ups of some of the elements of ‘No Stigma’ by Teesha Morgan. So you can plan what you will do when you get your copy to colour in.( Hopefully tonight if Daniel can work out how to get the downloads page working lol)

I can’t wait to see what you do in your version.

Post them here or on Instagram to #craftwerx #craftwerxstudio I will post some of the best to my blog.
It was great to see so many people into this today and so many new likers and followers. I love going and checking out your stuff and liking and following you back. So many different people from around the world, it’s amazing.
Cheers Teesha

No Stigma Colouring Finished!

The finished coloured version of ‘No Stigma’ by Teesha Morgan.
Should have both no Stigma & Breathe ready for you guys to download from my blog tomorrow.
They will be free downloads and I hope that you will give me lots of feedback and shots of your colouring.

If you don’t know about me. I am an artist who is self publishing a series of colouring books for people who battle Mental or Invisible Illness or the people who care about them.

As someone who has battled these insidious, misunderstood health conditions as well as chronic pain for most of my life,
I believe in colouring therapy as a fun way to help reduce stress, pain and anxiety by creating a space of mindfulness, stillness and active meditation.

The books will also contain helpful tips, exercises and colouring advice for beginners.

The first book in the series will be available for sale in August but free pages will be available up until that date on our website.
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No Stigmacolouring WIP 1

Just finished getting ‘No Stigma’ print ready so thought I would do a test colour.
This is after about 1hr so figured I should take a break and stretch.

Should have both no Stigma & Breathe ready for you guys to download from my blog tomorrow.
They will be free downloads and I hope that you will give me lots of feedback and shots of your colouring.

No Stigma Sketch by Teesha Morgan

No Stigma by Teesha Morgan
This is the concept sketch

I have had this one in my head for the colouring book since it’s inception.

As an advocate for mental health, invisible illness, chronic pain & disability this concept means a lot to me.
I have had to deal with discrimination, abuse, rudeness and just plain stupidity since my health forced me to retire from an executive position.

I want to help bring this issue to the dinnertable.

We should be encouraging people to get help by giving compassion, empathy and love so that people get treatment before a crisis. Not making them feel like freaks and outcasts, worrying about job security and family realtionship breakdowns if they admit to or Suffer from Mental Illness, Chronic Pain or other Invisible Illness.

Join the fight for a compassionate society!

Cheers, Teesha Morgan

Breathe- Final Artwork

Breathe by Teesha Morgan
So excited! It is finally finished, this is the final printable artwork of this colouring page for the Mental Health & Invisible Illness colouring book.
I have changed the font and added some different elements from the original concept sketch but I think it’s more balanced.
I will have a PDF of this colouring page available for FREE download on our website next week, so keep checking for the link. Cheers Teesha

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— in Clare, South Australia.