Download Free Colouring Pages

This is them place to find awsome free colouring pages by Teesha Morgan author of the Mental & Invisible Illness colouring and activity book series.

Follow this link for free Colouring Book pages by Teesha Morgan from Craftwerx Studio.

If you don’t know about me,  I am a Disabled Pensioner living in the beautiful Clare Valley in South Australia, after my illness forced to retire from my wonderful Executive position with a Not for Profit.

You see my illness gets much worse when I am under stress so I had to quit my job and move to the country for a slower more peaceful life.  But as any of you who are trying to live on government benefits will know, it is a very stressful life just trying to make ends meet. I have tried a few ideas to make some extra money but with the time that I have to spend on Mental Health,  physiotherapy and Pain Management activities just to get to a point where I can function, I always ended up with not enough time before my body shut down.

I joined an art group for mental health and did some teaching with the members but I was only able to go to 1 in 5 sessions. You see my body may allow me to function for a few hours a day but it is never the same few hours.

The group did show me something,  you see I have been an artist all of my life, but self confidence issues stopped me from seeing it. This group of wonderful people showed me that my art, which happened to be my main chronic pain and mental health management strategy was amazing. And that there was a need for a colouring book both dedicated to mental health and Invisible illness, especially chronic pain and was actually drawn by an artist, mistakes and all because after all, isn’t art truely about the mistakes.

You see I had bought some “Adult Colouring Books” myself and found a lot of them just contained a series or repeating pattens or an obvious clip-art animal filled with a repeating pattern- there was no heart to them.

So I started to look around and found that anyone with a computer can get this little program to grab a little piece of clip art of the web and copy it to make a pattern and shove it together to make a “Colouring Book” but it isn’t art, it doesnt draw your mind into it to take away your pain, relax your anxious and depressed mind.  Lets face it, you could do that yourself at home so why pay for a book.

But there are also some amazing books by real artists who see the world differently. Because true art is a refelection of how the artist sees the world,”warts and all” it’s the little flaws that make something ordinary into something thought prokeingly beautiful-a work of art. So an idea started to form.

I researched adult colouring books, read everything I could find (for free), got out my marketing course materials,  watched entrepreneur videos on YouTube and started to draw things that I and my online friends in the same boat would like to colour.

I kept it quiet for a while but started talking to my mh workers about it and their reactions of excitement and joy that they would soon have a much needed tool gave me the push that I needed to ‘go public’.

So a few weeks ago I started putting my drawings on Instagram and boom, here we are. So.

I am an artist who is self publishing a series of colouring books for people who battle Mental or Invisible Illness or the people who care about them.
As someone who is battling  these insidious,  misunderstood health conditions as well as chronic pain for most of my life with a partner with the same conditions who is my carer, I have a unique perspective.

The books will also contain helpful tips,  exercises and colouring advice for beginners.
The first book in the series will be available for sale in August but free pages will be available up until that date on our website.

I believe in colouring therapy as a fun way to help reduce stress, pain and anxiety by creating a space of mindfulness, stillness and active meditation because I see it work for us. Not as a cure, but as something that you can do yourself to help you to live a little better.