Mandala Love – New Sketch for the Colouring Book

New Mandala sketch that I’m working on. I haven’t named it yet. Any name ideas?

I love colouring Mandalas as the repetition is very soothing and I find my mind slowly winding down and I sort of fall inside of it and just want to finish it right then.

Mandalas are mesmerizing, so when I am colouring one I always set up an alarm of soothing music so that I don’t cramp up.
I like to get up and move around or lay back and do some stretching every half hour or so when I am colouring.
It is especially important to keep moving when you have chronic pain even though all I want to do is snuggle up in bed, but in the long run by staying comfortable we lose muscle tone which leads to more pain and mobility issues.
How do you manage your movement when you are colouring?
Cheers Teesha


Black or White- the big question?

Colourists–Do you like Black backgrounds or do you prefer white, to choose your own colour?
I love the black background myself, it really makes colours pop and I just can’t get a good solid black from pencils or markers by I love bold colours.
I know many of you love to colour with soft pastels and muted colours.
So this beautiful Lily Ball will be available for sale on my ETSY store or on the website as either. You can download in pdf or Jpeg form as well.
If you join my newsletter group now on the website you will receive a link and this month’s password to download all of the free pages too.
This one is Lily Ball by Teesha Morgan

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